Specialist Coaching

We have established tailored programmes for people in particular situations. Our Case Studies give practical examples.

Performance – working with individuals to establish what they could be doing differently and providing the tools and support to enable the desired change.

Business development – working with people to develop confidence and strategies to win business and create more effective client relationships.

Leadership/management – working with senior and managing partners and others with leadership responsibilities or new management duties. At the senior end this is pure top level coaching where we create the space to ‘think aloud’.

Promotion – coaching promotion candidates who are approaching partnership or another significant advance in their careers. Helping more women achieve senior positions has been a particular area of success.

New/lateral partner/director – coaching through the process following promotion or lateral hire.

Maternity – coaching people during maternity leave and helping with re-integration.

Return from secondment – the benefits of secondment are well publicised.  The challenges of returning and re-integrating so as to maximise the benefits for all concerned are not.   We provide constructive and practical support here.

A new firm – first impressions, new culture/politics/colleagues/clients present particular challenges.  We are familiar with a wide range of professional service firms and can help the speed and success of integration.

Confidence/stress – helping with deeper issues surrounding low confidence and stress – this is core coaching at a more intense level.

Pre-retirement  – assisting with structure, ideas and self-discipline as partners or senior directors manage the last two or three years in their organisation and explore the opportunities for life thereafter.  A smooth and positive transition for all parties is the goal.

Mentoring – working with an individual on a continuous basis without a particular issue driving the coaching relationship.  Our coaches are highly experienced professionals and business managers and often overlay pure coaching with their own guidance and creativity.